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 Society of Economics of the Household (SEHO).


About the society

 The Society of Economics of the HOusehold (SEHO) was founded in 2017 by Shoshana Grossbard from San Diego State University, who is now secretary of the organization’s executive committee and also edits the Review of Economics of the Household (REHO). The president is Elena Stancanelli  from the Paris School of Economics and the president-elect Charles Horioka from Kobe University, Japan. The 1st annual Meeting of the Society of Economics of the Household (SEHO) was held in San Diego, California, USA  in 2017, the 2nd Meeting in Paris School of Economics, France, in 2018 and the 3d Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2019. SEHO2020 will be in Venice, Italy. If you never got our calls for papers and would like to receive a call for papers for the upcoming meetings please contact Enrica Croda at

Household economics is defined as the economic analysis of household decisions, including decisions regarding consumption, labor supply and other uses of time, household formation and dissolution, demand for health and other forms of human capital, fertility and investment in children’s human capital, demand for environmental and other public goods, migration, demand for religiosity, and decisions by agricultural households.

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