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So grateful for my amazing mentors. Isolated professionally as a woman in economics specializing in the analysis of marriage markets I appointed a board of six mentors to whom I started sending biannual reports about 25 years ago.

All male board consisted of the late Gary Becker, #1 on REPEC RIP economists. Clive Granger, #2 REPEC RIP was also on my board. So was Jacob Mincer #14 on REPEC RIP. Other late mentor, Jack Hirshleifer, in top 8% of REPEC RIP. Two mentors still alive, may they be blessed with long healthy life! JJHeckman @heckmanequation is ranked #2 among all economists . Thanks for all the good advice JIM! Last but not least, Edward Lazear, founder of Personnel Economics, also highly ranked on REPEC. Thanks Ed for being there consistently for 45 yrs.

Thanks to all my mentors, who at some point all served on the board of my journal REHO, a tremendous boost.

Session on Economics of the Family at ASSA 2012. From R to L : Gary Becker, Aloysius Siow, Jim J Heckman, Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Uri Gneezy and Shoshana Grossbard — in Chicago, Illinois.
Jacob Mincer's 80th birthday conference at Columbia University in 2002. L to R: Robert Willis, Jacob Mincer, Nachum Sicherman, Shoshana Grossbard and James Joseph Heckman
Jim James Joseph Heckman and Jacob Mincer at Mincer's 80th birthday conference.
The two founders of the New Home Economics at Columbia University.
Jacob Mincerand I at his 80th birthday conference.
Gary Becker and Edward Lazear at Ed's 65th birthday conference — at Stanford University.
Me (center) with two of my mentors a few months before Gary Becker (right) passed away — with James Joseph Heckman (left) at Stanford University.
Clive Granger, May he RIP
Jack Hirshleifer May he RIP

Sept 16, 2019. I am starting a WOMEN IN ECON blog/archive.

Sept 16. Posting a pdf based on most of the responses to Beatrice Cherrier’s question: “name a paper published between 1970 and 2000, solo-authored by a woman, which was influential for you or for the development of your field?”